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Learning With Aviation

Develop your managerial skills

with airline pilots!

  • Conference

  • Empowerment

  • Team building

  • Coaching

  • Personnalized solutions

Develop your "business" skills :

  • decision making,
  • communication,

  • teamworking,

  • workload management,

  • process optimization.

Learning with aviation is the meeting of Airline Pilots, Commanders or instructors on airliners, with experience as well in management, innovation, training or human resources.

Learning with aviation makes it possible to use the tools of one of the most reliable and safest industry in the world to serve your Business and your projects.

The Concept : Immerse your teams in a flight simulator to make them think about their managerial practices

Airline pilots, flight captain and instructors on airliners, with more than 10 years of experience in pilot management, training, innovation or human resources.

The Simulator​ : An unusual context, a laboratory, to live experiences
Our proposal  : Share our practices to enrich your managerial skills

By plunging the participants in an unusual context, the flight simulator becomes a real laboratory that allows immersive and immediate experimentation of decision-making and risk management processes.

A specific decision-making scheme will be applied in order to safely manage a dynamic situation requiring a quick and effective response. Supervised by two airline pilots, the participants will experience their leadership, their communication, their management of the workload in a crisis context.


Each participant will have to deal with situations risk management, the treatment of errors to develop awareness of the situation, essential to decision-making.

Testimonials : They talk about it better than us

I had the chance to attend the flight simulator workshop together with my new colleagues at LVMH. As I was the new member of the team, joining directly from Singapore to Paris, it was a great ice breaker for a team building session.  The experience was incredible and really felt like a real
flying experience. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, and patient with us. The learnings and experience  were one of those “must try”!

Jae Soh
LVMH Head of digital, fashion

We took the flight simulator program for a day as kind of a team building event. For me the most exciting moment was when we were able to simulate a flight and actually take off and later land! It really felt so real like actually piloting a plane – the noise, the movement, the smell, the things you could watch through the window! It really was amazing, and then they put you in the situation where you need to react quickly to unforeseen and quite radical situations, like there is a fire somewhere on the plane, and you need to quickly make the right choices…. It was just super exciting and I learnt a lot, about myself and the others from our team.

I am still thinking about this simulator experience each time I am going on a real plane. It was definitely the most exciting team building I’ve ever done in my career.

Mariel Barrios

Head of Customer Experience & Insights LVMH


How to meet your needs?

And your budget?

Daily or half-day formulas.

Learning with aviation adapts to your needs and your budget. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it.


An airliner flight simulator is used by airlines to train their airline pilots.


The Full Flight Simulator (FFS) combines an exact and interactive replica of the cockpit, a realistic visual and sound environment and a movement reproduction mechanism.

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